Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chain Stitch

Hi everyone,

how are you coping with the weather?  Our days have still been dry, but not too!!

As I mentioned in my last  post ,  this post is to show you how I did my chain stitch.   The first three pics here, show a basic chain stitch........



......this is where chain stitch can vary......

.............for a flower petal , insert the needle close to the outside of the loop as shown below........  

.....for a continual chain stitch,

..........see where the needle came up through the fabric in the picture above.......pull the stitch tight,  then insert the needle back down through the fabric close to where the thread came up (inside the loop), and use this as the start of your next chain.   

Continue the above step until you are happy with the length of your row of chain stitches  :)

If  the description for the row of chain doesn't make sense, I apologise big time!   Please, write in via comments, or email to let me know,  and I will try to do better on another post  :)  

Happy stitching,  Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny, It's hard to believe that it's cool weather there. Were having close to 100 degree weather here. With a hurricane in the gulf.

    You did an excellent job of describing the stitches..I'll have to come back to your post at a later date to learn and practice..... I just don't have the time right now.

    Hope you and your parents are doing well...

  2. Wow Jen...thanks that was fantastic...always have a bit of a problem with my chain stitches..