Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New add photo to blog instructions.....!!!!

Hi everyone,

fingers busy, at the moment, getting ready for the Craft Fair this weekend, then of course, Mother's Day the weekend after.

I snuck outside earlier, and took this photo as we are in for a full moon this week......

O...K....AY.......WHAT is going on with the new block you see when adding a photo to your blog!!!!!

Has anyone else come across it yet?

Well......that was frustrating post!!!!!  (yep.....I DO love those exclamation marks!!!!!!.....especially when it is best not to say what you REALLY want to say  in print  :)

Happy crafting,  Jenny

Monday, April 26, 2010

Craft Fair

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to shrink a poster and add it to this post, but not getting there!!!

The Hervey Bay Crafters Mothers Day Craft Fair is on this weekend, May 1st and 2nd
at the Hervey Bay RSL

Saturday 9.30 to 4pm
Sunday  10 to 3pm

Free entry and free raffle draw for a lovely Mothers Day basket

A fundraising raffle will also be held, with proceeds supporting  Hervey Bay Breast Cancer

The majority of the sites are finished craft.    Hope you get the chance to visit.

Happy crafting,  Jenny

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hi everyone,

It is hard to know what to say on ANZAC Day.  I am adding a link to Punky's blog ,  who also feels we should remember and say Thank You......

Bye for now,  Jenny

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hi, everyone,

what have I been up to today?  Making  bags.......I have made some more Fabric bags , and also some more Town bags .   Photos of the new colours have been added to my  shop  blog, which also shows other items I make.  I am trying to get a few things done at the moment, because of the Craft Fair coming up the first weekend in May........more on that tomorrow, hopefully.

The bag shown above, is what I call the Town Bag.   Sorry, but this particular colour has sold.  I will be making another one soon.

Happy crafting,  Jenny

Monday, April 19, 2010

Colour your day.....

Hi everyone,

I have just been checking what's new on blogs that I Follow, and along the way have come across some lovely blogs that I haven't seen before....if your day needs some colour, why not have a look at them.........

I started with  Aiken House & Gardens , then clicked the link for 'The House in the Roses' which had
beautiful photos and story line, then clicked the link it had for 'Cottage Home Decorating' which led me to  lovely things  including cottage colours , and more beautiful posts.

Has anyone else seen these sites?  I wouldn't blame anyone for keeping them to themselves, but on an overcast night like tonight, I think we could all do with some colour.

Happy crafting,  Jenny

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tins part 2

Hi everyone,

how is your weekend going?  The sun is actually shining at the moment, so I am about to wash some calico soon.   Aren't the tins of doilies amazing!!!   (Apologies for the photography....not my strong point !)   Some of the doilies have been started, but many of them are untouched....

....and get the price of some of them.......

$1.79 !!!!  This one is a runner.  At this price, I'm surprised it isn't a small doiley.  I'm still sorting through the tin!

Some pieces are duchess sets (3 piece), again, not started........


.........this one has been........but unfortunately it has a couple of holes in it where they shouldn't be.  Instead of letting this one go to waste,  I am using it as my  practice piece,  before I attempt an untouched one and possibly ruin it!

Thanks to everyone for your comments.  I do look forward to them .....I hope you are enjoying these posts as much as I am.   More on the tins soon :)

 Happy crafting,  Jenny

Friday, April 16, 2010

Giggle time.....

O...oh dear...!   I have just watched the start of Who Wants to be a Millionaire - Hot Seat,  and  the occupation of one of the contestants  is Spotlight Operator........ train of thought.....?  Why not owner, or manager of the material store,.... don't you agree....?  

Big time wrong...!!!!!.......guess who manouvres the spotlights in a theatre or cinema...a  Spotlight Operator......of course....who else!!!   Big lol here....

Happy crafting,  Jenny

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hi folks,

how is your week going?  Things are starting to quieten down now that school has started again.  Only another month or so until the 'winter locals' arrive.  Winter locals....?  this is what I call  a lot of our winter visitors, as some of them have been coming here for 20 years or more, and stay for three or four months every year....hence the tag.

Okay....okay, what about those, no chocolates in any of them!  I'll start with this one, as it will hopefully appeal to Aussies, and overseas Followers.......

The flowers on the front of this tin, are Australian wildflowers.  The large red one is a Waratah, and the white ones are Flannel flowers.  It also includes Wattle (yellow), and Geraldton Wax (tiny pink).    Each of the flowers have their own picture around the outside of the tin........

As to the base of the tin,  it displays what were the original contents.  For the Aussies, this will bring back memories, as Brockhoff are one of the old brands of biscuit makers we used to have.  Like a lot of things, a brand no longer around.

Teased you enough?   Major drum roll here......remember, there are three tins to go......TA....DA............!!!!!

Amazing isn't it!!!!     The contents of these tins were given to me in preference to them being lost forever!  You won't believe some of the finds in these tins.   It was a coincidence that they were actually given to me on my birthday!  My mother was here at the time, and mentioned that my grandmother used to work for Semco.    As I said, it was an amazing week......and I haven't finished yet!  I have so much to show and tell about these, but I will do it gradually in more I am not trying to be mean, just trying to cover everything that happened!

I'll let you catch your breath here, and sign off for now.  I hope you  enjoying the the posts to come.  Joolz , I hope you'll understand if I don't give you my address for quite a!!  Happy crafting,  Jenny

Monday, April 12, 2010

Keeping you guessing......

Hi everyone,

no, I'm not telling you what are in the tins, and it's no good asking my sister, Robyn, as she doesn't even know about them yet....unless my mother has told her!    I can tell you it's not chocolates.....

As to Robyn, she has got the blog bug!  Not only does she have ONE blog,  but TWO  !!   They are both completely different in content, and she will add to them when time permits (mother of ten children) ,  but I'm sure she would make you feel welcome when you blog by (you know what I mean, I hope! ) .

Happy crafting (and guessing), Jenny

Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm ba...ack!

Hi, folks,
apologies for the absence, but with Easter, and school holidays, I extended my shop hours, as we are in a touristy area which is well loved by families.  The Fishing competition was also well attended.  We actually had a dry Good Friday, but the traditional Easter rain finally arrived the next day.....oh the joys of camping!!  I don't understand why the weather makes such a difference to the fish!   I did continue to check in on blogs I'm Following, but that was about it.  Again, I apologize.

It has really been an amazing birthday, and an amazing surprise.....

......yes, you guessed it.....I am going to keep you in suspense as to what is in the tins, and what else I managed to get up to apart from!    Happy crafting,  Jenny