Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hi folks,

how is your week going?  Things are starting to quieten down now that school has started again.  Only another month or so until the 'winter locals' arrive.  Winter locals....?  this is what I call  a lot of our winter visitors, as some of them have been coming here for 20 years or more, and stay for three or four months every year....hence the tag.

Okay....okay, what about those, no chocolates in any of them!  I'll start with this one, as it will hopefully appeal to Aussies, and overseas Followers.......

The flowers on the front of this tin, are Australian wildflowers.  The large red one is a Waratah, and the white ones are Flannel flowers.  It also includes Wattle (yellow), and Geraldton Wax (tiny pink).    Each of the flowers have their own picture around the outside of the tin........

As to the base of the tin,  it displays what were the original contents.  For the Aussies, this will bring back memories, as Brockhoff are one of the old brands of biscuit makers we used to have.  Like a lot of things, a brand no longer around.

Teased you enough?   Major drum roll here......remember, there are three tins to go......TA....DA............!!!!!

Amazing isn't it!!!!     The contents of these tins were given to me in preference to them being lost forever!  You won't believe some of the finds in these tins.   It was a coincidence that they were actually given to me on my birthday!  My mother was here at the time, and mentioned that my grandmother used to work for Semco.    As I said, it was an amazing week......and I haven't finished yet!  I have so much to show and tell about these, but I will do it gradually in more I am not trying to be mean, just trying to cover everything that happened!

I'll let you catch your breath here, and sign off for now.  I hope you  enjoying the the posts to come.  Joolz , I hope you'll understand if I don't give you my address for quite a!!  Happy crafting,  Jenny


  1. Ha! Don't worry about Joolz, Jenny! I know how to get to Burrum Heads and it wouldn't take me long to find the shop! lol. Mind you, they probably wouldn't interest me if they aren't all embroidered and finished up. :)

  2. What a coincidence to get these lovely tins for your b'day!
    The cookies and crackers look I wonder what we have in the rest of the tins.......