Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hi everyone, 
have I been up to 
Making some more
Toddlers balls.

They are quite fiddly to
make, but great for
littlies to be able
to hold onto :)

I have posted individual
photos of these balls

I think everyone could do with some bright and cheerful colours at the moment :)

Happy crafting,  Jenny

Monday, March 7, 2011

Recent Finishes...

Hi everyone, I hope
your week is off to
a good start.

I thought you might
like to see what I
have been making
over the past month.....

Fabric bootees

Silk Sets

Kitchen tidies, Casserole Covers,
Crochet Hand Towels


Scissors Cases.

Don't forget, you can
also visit my
online shop
to see what else
I make.  :)

Have a great week, and

Happy Crafting,  Jenny

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Remember the recent post I did
Unfortunately I later realised
I hadn't made any
alterations to the image, which some
sites request you to do, and I also
couldn't find it's original 'home'.

I have since changed it to a
Graphics Fairy image, and  I
having been 'playing' with the
cupid image I used.
Here is my attempt of
working with my
first choice....
I realise many may
find fault with it,  but I am
very new to this, and am
learning by trial and error.
Here is another image
I have been working on.
I know cream flowers in
the corners would be better, but
as I say, I am still practicing   :)

The main tip I would recommend 
using, is to
make plenty of copies of the
cut images :)

Do you have
any first attempts
tucked away that you
are willing to share?

Happy crafting,  Jenny :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


...has seen this cute event?
Entries close the end of May.
I hope you have a 'hoot' of a time :)

Happy crafting,  Jenny