Thursday, February 25, 2010

aaargh! sisters!!!!   Anyone who has been following my dilemma of   (a)  how to get hold of books to read from my darling baby sister, and  (b)  how I am now also being on the lookout for books by Debbie Macomber, you might like to have a glimpse at the comment Robyn left at the end of my last post......then you'll understand my scream at the start of this post (ha ha).  I didn't know Robyn had them!  I really must get up to her place soon and check out her book stash!  Enjoy the rest of your week,   Jenny

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hi everyone,

how has your week been?  I have been making more Fabric Bootees, this time using footy team colours.  I'm thrilled how they came out  ( the photo is on my post prior to this one ) .

I have started reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol.  Have you read it yet?  His books/films receive a lot of media interest when they are published.

I'm still trying to figure out how to get hold of my sister's new book purchases (Elm Creek)!  I generally only get to her place Christmas Day.   Given how quickly the year is going, I guess I don't have to wait too long....(yeah,'s still ages away!!)

A visitor to my shop last week was telling me about the Blossom Street books.  These are by  Debbie Macomber .  The funny thing is, one of my Followers,  Carmelina  mentioned these books  in a reply comment to my last Reading Material  post.  Two people telling me about the same book within days of each other?!!!  I definitely have to keep an eye out and try them!!   What book are you reading at the moment?

Enjoy your book,   Jenny
These boottees have been made using colours similar to footy teams.  Depending on the baby, they will fit a Newborn to 6 month old.

$6.95  a pair
(plus postage & packaging)

Enjoy your day,  Jenny

Monday, February 22, 2010

Craft Calendar

Hi everyone, 

I thought I would post a list of some craft events in the local area, and eventually some Brisbane events that I am aware of.   I will add to it from time to time.


APRIL 2nd  (Fri) :    TOOGOOM EASTER FAIR:   I will update this entry asap, as I'm not 100%  of the date.
UPDATE:  Yes, the Toogoom Easter Fair IS on the Friday.

APRIL 2nd - 4th  (Fri - Sun) :     BURRUM HEADS EASTER FISHING CLASSIC:      Think about it ladies..........three days (plus travel time) without hubbies/partners to cook for  which must mean at least three days for craft.......I'm sure you are all saying .... yeeaaaah  (I'd show party streamers and balloons here for you if I knew how,  ha ha)!!!

MAY 1st - 2nd  (Sat - Sun) :       CRAFT FAIR (finished handcrafts):   Hervey Bay R.S.L.  I have been invited to have a site here again.  It's lovely to see everyone's interpretation of what can be done with a piece of material, or paper, etc.  This is held in one of the reception rooms of the R.S.L.   I will add the times ASAP.

OCTOBER:      The Childers Craft Bazaar is usually held on the third Tuesday in October.  It has been going for about 20-21 years.  I will add more details ASAP when this event is confirmed.

That's all I can think of for now, but will keep you posted.  Do you know of any events?  You can let me know via comments, or email.  The months are going too quickly!  Happy crafting,  Jenny

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hi everyone,

how is your weekend going?  I have been working on Fabric Boottees again this weekend.  I'll add a photo when they are finished.    For anyone interested in Nutrimetics, I have just updated  My Nutrimetics Page  for the March Catalogue.

Remember in the past I have mentioned my sister Robyn  Sugar Pie Prims  ?  Our mother is at my place at the momment, and my sister rang up.  While Mum was talking to her, Robyn mentioned she has just bought a couple of the  'Elm Creek'  books by Jennifer Chiaverini (sorry I'm not sure what to put for links here !) !!!   Mum and Robyn think I now have to be on my best behaviour in order to borrow them, but being the eldest, I felt I should have to censor them first (ha ha).  I don't like my chances, but what do you think?  For anyone who hasn't read them, they are based around a quilting group and the community.  The good part about the 'Elm Creek' books is that they don't have to be read in order.

Well, I'd better let you go.  Before I do, Happy Birthday to Abigail , and anyone else enjoying their birthday.

Happy crafting,  Jenny

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hi folks,

I have just posted the pictures of the new Fabric Bags as promised.  I don't have photos of the String Bags yet, but I have added another bag I make....Striped Bags  (I couldn't think what else to call them!) .   The handles on the striped bags can be used either over the shoulder, or to carry by hand.

NEWS FLASH.....anyone in the Fraser Coast area tomorrow (Friday), the midday movie is How To Make An American Quilt.  I saw this movie at the pictures a few years ago and thought it was good.   If you haven't already seen it, I hope you get the chance.  

Happy Crafting,  Jenny

(Padded & Machine Quilted)

Approx. Size  16 1/2 "  x  15"
Approx. Length with handle:  25"

$34.95  each
plus postage & packaging

Handy for when you need everything, or for craft, etc.

Handy size for car keys, glasses, purse, etc.

More colours available

29th Nov:  For an update on these bags, click here

Happy crafting,  Jenny

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reading Material

Hi everyone,

how are you all going with the weather?  After a few muggy hot hot days, we have had rain again!  So long as someone needs it I don't mind.

This week, I have been making Fabric Bags , Phone Cases, and String  Bags.   I don't have photos of the phone cases or string bags at present.   Email me if you would like to see the colours of the newest range of Fabric  Bags.  I will try to add a new photo soon.

READING MATERIAL:  What have I been reading this week?   Singing Bird  by  Roisin McAuley.  It was a lovely read.  I know this sounds like a 'safe' comment, but not everything has to be action packed, or Mills & Boon!   What are you reading at the moment?

Have you met my new Followers Marie and Chars?   Why not visit them and say hi. Don't forget to visit any of my other Followers too.  I hope you all enjoy your evening.  Happy crafting,  Jenny

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Place and Yours.........Kitchen Love

Okay, another week over and here I am joining the Meme List again.  This week's theme is Kitchen Love.....anything you love about, or in your kitchen.   Vic originally kicked off the List this year, with participants adding their ideas for themes. 

My favourite items in the kitchen are:   My Coffee, and the clock on the wall.  

The clock is usually 5 minutes fast, however my mother prefers it 10 minutes fast!    Having a fast clock is fine, except for when the batteries go flat!   As to the coffee, I have it black, and veeerrrry  strong.  I hate to think what I would be like without it!  

Looks a bit like a shrine, doesn't it!  This is one theme I will gladly raise my mug to (ha ha).   Bye for now,  Jenny 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day Off....what to do....?!!

Hi folks,

it's Wednesday again, and I am still trying to get used to having a whole day off!  What am I doing on the computer this early in the day......?  Yes, I have done some housework, done enough ironing for the next few days, cleaned out a kitchen cupboard, and hung out a load of washing........just the bathroom towels so no more ironing...hooray (I would add a smiley face or cheeky grin here if I knew how ha ha)!!  I figured this will leave the evening free to do some work, or start a new book (does that sound like a contradiction of terms to you, or is it just me?)   I haven't read one book at all,  this week yet.

I thought I would check my blog, and look at what's happening on the sites I Follow (I get a snippet to let me know if anyone has put something new on their blog), and noticed I had a few comments on my last post.  Thanks Vic for fixing up my link on my last link on her blog. 

How do I manage to fit so much into my handbag?  It has a lot of pockets, which as Susan L from lily40au mentioned, does become quite heavy......especially with the coins adding up!   I do love the comment from Jackie (The Back Shed)...."Yep.  All the usual bits and pieces" .  It's nice to know someone doesn't think it's weird to have craft buttons, crochet hooks of different sizes, etc. in your bag.  Why the crochet hooks?  As I said earlier, I also do my craft work at home (against doctors orders), and usually the hook I want is at work.  Solution?  Keep some in my handbag!

Okay, enough for now....those towels should be about dry by now.  Yes, we actually have blue sky and sunshine today.  Admittedly clouds looming on the horizon,  but good Wash Day weather (and day off, ha ha).  No it's not that I hate the rain, but I do wish it would make up it's mind to either rain, or be sunny.  Wouldn't it be lovely if it just rained at night?   Gotta go.  Happy Crafting,  Jenny

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Place and Yours........What's in Your Handbag?

It is still raining! A neighbour said we have had 11 inches this month already. I wanted to do my meme list last night, but with the thunder around, I decided to leave it....sorry Vic!   Who is Vic?  Vic is the one who initiated this Meme List.  Her blog is

 Contents of my handbag........

Okay, what will you find in my handbag? Coins which haven't quite made it to my coin purse, craft shopping list, roll-on lavender, spare reading glasses, mobile phone, lace to match up on next shopping trip (these are very few and far between), crochet hooks, buttons, biro, cough lollies, and panadol.

I will admit, I did have a clean up of the contents of my bag just before Christmas. My bag has lots of pockets which can be handy, but scary as to what you will find come clean up time....usually when you can't fit anything else in!!

I have had a tidy up in my work area today. Hopefully an improvement to what it looked like before I started. I'll get stuck into projects tomorrow. Top of the list is Fabric Bags, and String Bags.

I have read two books this week......Hitched, and Lace by Carol Higgins Clark. Carol is the daughter of Mary Higgins Clark. Both authors write mystery books. There is intrigue, however they are not of the gruesome variety, which makes a nice change from time to time.

Well, I'm signing off for the night. There are still a lot of rain clouds around, but no lightning yet. Happy Crafting, Jenny

My Nutrimetics Page

Hi everyone, apart from my craft, I am also a Nutrimetics Consultant.

The reason I am placing this on my blog, is because a lot of regular customers and visitors to my shop are from outlying areas, and sometimes miss out on the Nutrimetics sales. By doing this page, people can see a list of the some of the popular items on sale at home, and then call into my shop to place an order if there is something they like.   For people outside the area, you can contact your local Nutrimetics Consultant.

To avoid any confusion, payment is to accompany any orders.

This page will be updated with each catalogue – it won't be done as a 'New Post' .


15 Day  Sale:
Nutri-Rich Intensive Lip Treatment SPF 18   now $9.90  (normal price: $30.00)

Nutri-Rich Oil EL (60 ml)  now $38.00 * (normal price:  $76.00)

PLEASE NOTE: The 'sale end' date for the two items listed above is 15TH   JUNE.

* After the 15th,  Nutri-Rich Oil EL will be $49.00 until the end of 29th June

Other great items in this catalogue include:

These lipsticks are usually $33.50.  Too many colours to list here.

Nutri Moist  $29.00  (usually $49.00)  Suitable for Normal and Normal to Dry Skin

Botanicals Exfoliating Soap  $5.90  (normally $9.00 each)
Five fruity fragrances available while stocks last

The skincare packages are also in the current catalogue, along with NC High Shine Lacquer 10ml  $9.90 (normally $20.00)

All of these orders finish 29th June (and 15th where applicable)

This post will be updated with each catalogue, so don't forget to come back.  Thank you for visiting, Jenny

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reading Material

Hi everyone,

how are you going?  Well!  The rain has eased, and we are getting the strong wind at the momment.  We had over 8 inches from Saturday to today.  It has washed some of the shoreline away, but nothing worse.  A number of the houses are now quite close to the about water views!

It's definitely been good weather for reading.  Has anyone continued reading after last week's meme list?  Thank you to Vic for her help and comment  (yes I got them both.  I hope your internet is ok now). 

I have continued with my reading.  I was reading Two for the Road by Amanda Hampson.  I enjoyed it.  It is set in Australia, about a girl who decides to take over her father's towing business when her father ends up in hospital after being attacked.  At times I forgot the book was written present day, as I felt it had a 1960's feel about it,  but still enjoyable.  This book was lent to me by a family friend, but I would go out and buy it.  I have also read Amanda's book, The Olive Sisters.

I even managed to read another book over the weekend.......  Eat Cake  by Jeanne Ray.  It is set in America, and how Ruth (the main character) copes with family dramas.  I'm sure many crafters can relate to Ruth, as her craft is in the kitchen.   This one will stay on my book case at home.....not work (I also sell second hand books).

Notice the label for this...... Reading Material.  I am going to keep adding to it as I read more books.  A word of warning....if it's not craft supplies that I treat myself with, it's books!  Let me know what books you have enjoyed (send a comment).

Today I have been finishing some of the Toddler Balls.  Not quite what I call them when I am making them.  They are made with numerous segments, and get a bit fiddly to do,  but they are quite good for the littlies when finished, as I guess you could say they are made up with  'handles' for kids to grab hold of.

Enjoy your book, and Happy Crafting, Jenny


These balls are made up of numerous pieces of material, but great for the kids to be able to grab  hold of.

The colours of these balls will vary from time to time.


Toddlers  Ball
(plus postage & packaging)

Thank you for visiting,  Jenny