Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Place and Yours.........Kitchen Love

Okay, another week over and here I am joining the Meme List again.  This week's theme is Kitchen Love.....anything you love about, or in your kitchen.   Vic originally kicked off the List this year, with participants adding their ideas for themes. 

My favourite items in the kitchen are:   My Coffee, and the clock on the wall.  

The clock is usually 5 minutes fast, however my mother prefers it 10 minutes fast!    Having a fast clock is fine, except for when the batteries go flat!   As to the coffee, I have it black, and veeerrrry  strong.  I hate to think what I would be like without it!  

Looks a bit like a shrine, doesn't it!  This is one theme I will gladly raise my mug to (ha ha).   Bye for now,  Jenny 


  1. Coffee is good, love the brand you drink and yes my clock is usually fast too. Easy way to get the kids ready to go somewhere on time.

  2. I buy this coffee all the time now. It's good!