Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reading Material

Hi everyone,

how are you going?  Well!  The rain has eased, and we are getting the strong wind at the momment.  We had over 8 inches from Saturday to today.  It has washed some of the shoreline away, but nothing worse.  A number of the houses are now quite close to the about water views!

It's definitely been good weather for reading.  Has anyone continued reading after last week's meme list?  Thank you to Vic for her help and comment  (yes I got them both.  I hope your internet is ok now). 

I have continued with my reading.  I was reading Two for the Road by Amanda Hampson.  I enjoyed it.  It is set in Australia, about a girl who decides to take over her father's towing business when her father ends up in hospital after being attacked.  At times I forgot the book was written present day, as I felt it had a 1960's feel about it,  but still enjoyable.  This book was lent to me by a family friend, but I would go out and buy it.  I have also read Amanda's book, The Olive Sisters.

I even managed to read another book over the weekend.......  Eat Cake  by Jeanne Ray.  It is set in America, and how Ruth (the main character) copes with family dramas.  I'm sure many crafters can relate to Ruth, as her craft is in the kitchen.   This one will stay on my book case at home.....not work (I also sell second hand books).

Notice the label for this...... Reading Material.  I am going to keep adding to it as I read more books.  A word of warning....if it's not craft supplies that I treat myself with, it's books!  Let me know what books you have enjoyed (send a comment).

Today I have been finishing some of the Toddler Balls.  Not quite what I call them when I am making them.  They are made with numerous segments, and get a bit fiddly to do,  but they are quite good for the littlies when finished, as I guess you could say they are made up with  'handles' for kids to grab hold of.

Enjoy your book, and Happy Crafting, Jenny

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  1. Jenny!! its been raining here too!
    hope you been doing good :)
    you know what.. i dont remember how i found you! :) But im glad i did!!