Friday, July 16, 2010

Jenny's Jaunts

Hi everyone,

I hope your week has been a good one.   I recently promised you I would let you know where I have been visiting on the web......I have decided to call these trips......   

Jenny's  Jaunts are welcome to join me :)

.....okay, now that you have picked yourself up from the floor, and wiped away your tears of laughter at my choice of pic,  I will tell you where I have been....

 I recently signed on as a Follower of Kaaren's  blog,  and last week she announced a free block of the month!  This bom is called  Raggedy and Friends, and involves both stitchery, and patchwork.    Nine of the 12 blocks include two stitcheries each, and three of the blocks have one stitchery each.

Kaaren is starting her bom on the 20th July.   I have added her button for this bom to my sidebar.   At present, it is linked to her blog.  While visiting her blog, look for the picture below to view the relevant posts.

Happy crafting,  Jenny

To view more of my Jaunts, click here


  1. Jenny, what a Fab picture!!!
    Excellent idea and I am sure we will all have fun with you at the wheel!

  2. Jenny,

    Yes you make me laugh....:) I went to Kaaren's blog. I likd it, when I have more time I am giong for a long visit. LOve the picture of the car and the girls.

    Have a great weekend, Sally

  3. Oh, what a cute picture ....
    Hoping you had a great weekend!