Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Redwork finished......nearly :)

Hi everyone, how is your week going.....did you remember to visit Kaaren yesterday? Her choice of colours are lovely, aren't they :)

I have been promising to give you another post related to My Embroidery Journey......and have finally managed to do it......

… you can see, I still haven't stitched the centres of the gum blossoms!! Any suggestions...? A customer did suggest french knots, but I'm not sure about this idea. I have wondered about a 'spider rose ' (I think that's the title), that I have seen in ribbon embroidery, but I'm not sure about the size of stitch to the size of the area to fill.......what do you suggest.......?

I have to admit, I have already been working on another doiley from the tins. This one was already started........... hopefully I can do the original stitcher justice with my stitching. Unfortunately didn't have all of the blues, so have done the best I you can see, I have almost finished the blue stitching.....

The stitches I have used here, are stem stitch (black),  buttonhole stitch (blues), AND satin stitch (yellow)

Here is a pic of the original instruction sheet.....

…..and this is the back of the page....

Notice how they also give instructions for crocheting the edging too!! I haven't attempted that yet....I am in the middle of crocheting  silk sets for the shop.

This post has quite a few pics already, so I will do another post for how to do the stitches soon :)

Happy crafting, Jenny     

 P.S:   I  have received a note to say I have to change my background, so I don't know what I will be next time, but.....I'll still be :)


  1. The redwork looks fabulous Jenny. How clever are you?? I love it! I can't enlarge your pic to see what the markings are, but I would imagine that French Knots would do wouldn't they? I haven't heard of the other stitch you mentioned.
    I have instructions here for something called Colonial Knot. It's similar to a French Knot but looks to sit higher and with the thread around the base of it? If you get my drift. Let me know if you'd like me to send it to you.

    The blue work is lovely too, but I think it's the little birds that get me in with the red. You've done really well with them. x

  2. Hope you're doing good.. and have a wonderful weekend...

    Your stitching work is so pretty.....