Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th July

Hi everyone,   I hope all of my American visitors and followers have a lovely day, and the weather is kind to you   :) for us Aussies, let's just say it was a tad 'fresh and breezy' :)   Being an ex-Victorian, I frequently laugh when people complain about the winter weather up!

Before I get too involved in this post, thank you to   Karen  for the lovely range of pics I had to choose from. Being a craft blog,  I thought this one was very appropriate!

I have been feeling rather guilty for my lack of posts lately.  When I started this blog,  I decided on one post a week unless I see or make something that I feel can't!!   I have just visited  Chris at her blog, and it seems she is feeling the same's nice to know we are not alone in this :)

Where does my week go?  Apart from my shop and making most of my stock,  I  visit my blog followers, along with embroidery blogs, and other blogs I see mentioned along the way.  I have also been doing more of  my embroidery journey , hence the embroidery blogs :)    I have come across some lovely blogs along the way, and  have put them on my 'to visit' list.   I will share some of these blogs with you over time, and you can let me know what you think.  

As to comments, I love  receiving them, and, as most of you will know, try to leave a 'smiley' type comment where appropriate :)   I also reply to your comments via email....admittedly, I don't always do this the same day.....not out of bad manners, but sometimes I like to leave it until later in the week and make it more of a chatty letter, than just a 'thank you' .

Phew!!!  I can't believe how long this post has become!   For those of you have made it this far...a very big thank you, and I will try to 'post' as often as possible.

May you have a lovely week, and Happy Crafting,  Jenny

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