Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Reading Material

Hi everyone,

how are you all going with the weather?  After a few muggy hot hot days, we have had rain again!  So long as someone needs it I don't mind.

This week, I have been making Fabric Bags , Phone Cases, and String  Bags.   I don't have photos of the phone cases or string bags at present.   Email me if you would like to see the colours of the newest range of Fabric  Bags.  I will try to add a new photo soon.

READING MATERIAL:  What have I been reading this week?   Singing Bird  by  Roisin McAuley.  It was a lovely read.  I know this sounds like a 'safe' comment, but not everything has to be action packed, or Mills & Boon!   What are you reading at the moment?

Have you met my new Followers Marie and Chars?   Why not visit them and say hi. Don't forget to visit any of my other Followers too.  I hope you all enjoy your evening.  Happy crafting,  Jenny

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