Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day Off....what to do....?!!

Hi folks,

it's Wednesday again, and I am still trying to get used to having a whole day off!  What am I doing on the computer this early in the day......?  Yes, I have done some housework, done enough ironing for the next few days, cleaned out a kitchen cupboard, and hung out a load of washing........just the bathroom towels so no more ironing...hooray (I would add a smiley face or cheeky grin here if I knew how ha ha)!!  I figured this will leave the evening free to do some work, or start a new book (does that sound like a contradiction of terms to you, or is it just me?)   I haven't read one book at all,  this week yet.

I thought I would check my blog, and look at what's happening on the sites I Follow (I get a snippet to let me know if anyone has put something new on their blog), and noticed I had a few comments on my last post.  Thanks Vic for fixing up my link on my last link on her blog. 

How do I manage to fit so much into my handbag?  It has a lot of pockets, which as Susan L from lily40au mentioned, does become quite heavy......especially with the coins adding up!   I do love the comment from Jackie (The Back Shed)...."Yep.  All the usual bits and pieces" .  It's nice to know someone doesn't think it's weird to have craft buttons, crochet hooks of different sizes, etc. in your bag.  Why the crochet hooks?  As I said earlier, I also do my craft work at home (against doctors orders), and usually the hook I want is at work.  Solution?  Keep some in my handbag!

Okay, enough for now....those towels should be about dry by now.  Yes, we actually have blue sky and sunshine today.  Admittedly clouds looming on the horizon,  but good Wash Day weather (and day off, ha ha).  No it's not that I hate the rain, but I do wish it would make up it's mind to either rain, or be sunny.  Wouldn't it be lovely if it just rained at night?   Gotta go.  Happy Crafting,  Jenny


  1. Jenny,
    I cam across your blog after reading your comment to June about Tuberous Sclerosis. I had a close friend whose oldest daughter was afflicted with this disease. Its accompanying autism was so severe for this child---and heartbreaking. However, God's grace sustained all of us who have loved Amy, now 34 years old. She is in a special school and functions within the structure of the school.
    I have enjoyed your blog so much and have become a follower as well. Thank you for sharing and reminding us all this His angels are indeed present. Sometimes in the people He brings into our lives, but always near when we need them.
    blessings to you today.

    In Grace,