Thursday, March 3, 2011


Remember the recent post I did
Unfortunately I later realised
I hadn't made any
alterations to the image, which some
sites request you to do, and I also
couldn't find it's original 'home'.

I have since changed it to a
Graphics Fairy image, and  I
having been 'playing' with the
cupid image I used.
Here is my attempt of
working with my
first choice....
I realise many may
find fault with it,  but I am
very new to this, and am
learning by trial and error.
Here is another image
I have been working on.
I know cream flowers in
the corners would be better, but
as I say, I am still practicing   :)

The main tip I would recommend 
using, is to
make plenty of copies of the
cut images :)

Do you have
any first attempts
tucked away that you
are willing to share?

Happy crafting,  Jenny :)

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