Friday, June 18, 2010

Tins finale......and.....the start of 'My Embroidery Journey'

Hi everyone,

I hope you have been having a great time crafting lately.  I thought I would share my embroidery journey with you, now I have filled you in on the contents of the tins.

From here on in, I will refer to these posts as 'My Embroidery Journey' .

As mentioned in an earlier post, I have been working on this doily with red thread, and stem stitch.......

........I have used a version of chain stitch on the edges of the gumnut blossoms.........all that is left to stitch, is the centre of the blossoms, but as yet, I haven't discovered which stitch would be best to use....!!

I have already commenced on the 2nd half of this duchess set, so will show pics of that soon.  Unfortunately, the centrepiece had some holes, so I making good use of this piece to practice my stitiches....not necessarily the right stitch for where I use it, but we have to start somewhere :)  

I look at craftwork this way.....who can say what is the right way, and what is the wrong way?  As long as you enjoy what you are doing, keep it up!  We all have 'nightmare' pieces lurking in the backs of cupboards of our very first attempt at    

Remember, every piece is an original!   :)    

 Happy crafting,  Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny,
    I hope you have a great weekend...
    I like your piece of embroidery. Your stitches look very neat and you're so right about there not being a right or wrong way.... just enjoy!

  2. Hi Jenny! yes i totally agree with's all about doing what you love to do...and the first person you should try to please is yourself...the rest is secondary!!!

    i love your 'embroidery journey''s looking great thus far!
    thanks for your visit!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina