Sunday, May 16, 2010

Started stitching......

Hi everyone,

I  hope you have had a lovely weekend.

Remember this doily from my tins post?  It had already been started, but unfortunately it had some holes in it.   I decided to use it as a tester for my stitches.

The doily above was actually a part of a  'duchess set' ......I can't recall the other name for the sets, but the three pieces were traditionally used on a dressing table.  This one was the centre piece.......

.....and the two designs below were for either side of the centre piece.

After some practice on the large piece, I decided to make a start on this one.  I'm using red thread, and stem stitch........

As you can see, not quite there, but nearly finished the first one.  The other word I was trying to think of.....cheval set...!!!

Happy crafting,  Jenny


  1. Looking good!!! I'd forgotten about doilies for dressers. My mother did a lot of embroidery, and always had doilies on her dresser. Your work looks very neat...

  2. oooh red work - its beautiful already Jenny!

  3. Should look lovely with all that redwork Jenny! What sweet little bird. :)