Monday, May 3, 2010

Hi everyone,

 I've set the shop again after the Craft Fair, but unfortunately haven't  got the camera with me!

I still can't believe how relaxed I've been about having to set up again.  Usually, I go into the shop about 5am or 6 am to have it ready before I open after a craft fair.........this morning I got up at 6.30, and to work just before 8!  It only took a couple of hours.....I tend to try and start with the tables empty, and work my way through the shop, having the bulk of it ready for the public when I open at 9am........I still opened at 9am........just don't go past the counter...!!!....I have to admit, a bit of a tidy up still needed there, but I figured that could wait 'til tomorrow :)

Given that it was a long weekend in Australia, the day had that 'Sunday' feel about it, and a few people were doing the afternoon drive bit, although we did have a surprisingly heavy shower late in the afternoon.

Well apologies, but I will add the photos to my next post.

Happy crafting,  Jenny

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