Monday, May 31, 2010

Garage Sales......

Hi everyone,

how many of you went to a garage sale on the weekend?  Admittedly I have to say no, but remember I mentioned one a while back......well here are some pics of my purchases.......

......aren't these amazing  !!!!  :)     Sorry about the blurriness!!

The mixer as you can see, is complete with bowl, and juicer which actually comes off.  The teapot I bought to display with my tea cosies ,  and the inside of the Cook's  Measure,  are measured in pounds and ounces!!

I was really thrilled with my purchases.  It was actually the first time I had bought anything like this.  The garage sale was around the time I received the tins , which as you know I haven't finished showing all of them to you yet, but I wanted to use the mixer etc, as back drops for my crafts, and  knew you would want to know the history of them

Well, hopefully you have enjoyed this post, and your own garage purchases as much as I enjoy mine.

Happy crafting,  Jenny



  1. Wow I love the mixer and your other bits. I didn't do any garage sales this weekend but went to a collectorama instead and had lots of fun. I found lovely doilies, laces and old dresses I can cut up. Vintage heaven!

  2. Love your Mixer. Mum gave me one the same ages ago though the bowl and juicer are long gone. It has Kan Wondamixer on the front of it. She originally bought it for her Mum when she first started working nearly 60 years ago. A much treasured piece!!!