Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Craft Fair

Hi everyone, I remembered the camera!!!

It was a good weekend and worth the chaos of unpacking yesterday morning :)  There was quite a crowd of people through the doors over the two day period.  We got there at 6am to help set up tables, then unpack our craftwork before the doors opened at 9.30am.

I make the fabric bootees, and my mother enjoys knitting.  I can knit, but don't realise I have dropped a stitch 'til about 20 rows later, then have to wait for Mum to visit, and fix my   I  much  prefer crocheting.....only one stitch, and you can't lose it!!!! mother prefers it when I crochet!!!

I also had some of  my sister Robyn's   craftwork with us, but I'll leave photos of her prim craft for her to mention on her blog.

'Scuse the 'background' here......everyone was in the process of
setting up :)

 The organizers aim for  variety of craftwork, more so than quantity.  There was over 20 sites which allowed for quite a variety.......painting, folk art, jewellery, leadlight, bunka embroidery, cake decorating, scrapbooking, quilting, woodworking, etc.    I'm sure I've forgotten something, but you get the idea.

  It is always hard to know what to take, and what to leave home.......more of this, less of that.....!  It is handy being able to take more the next day, but the 'fun' part is then packing!

I already have calendar dates for the next ones.  I will be mentioning these under my Craft Calendar label soon.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and have an enjoyable week.   Happy crafting,  Jenny

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  1. Ahhhh, wish I were there to shop; you have a nice set-up and a good variety of pretty crafts.

    I haven't crocheted in awhile, but I used to love making 'throws' to cover with. You're inspiring me....
    Thanks and have a great week!