Friday, March 26, 2010

Reading Material

Hi everyone, how are you all?
I know,  I've been a bit slack the last couple of weeks with my READING  MATERIAL.   I recently mentioned I was reading Dan Brown 's book, The Lost Symbol.    Given the wet weather we have had, I managed to get it finished, and a book by Jesse Kellerman.

Admittedly I read it (The Lost Symbol), and The Da Vinci Code, because of the media hype and opinions surrounding them, and wanted to find out for myself.    It didn't keep me enthralled or  wanting to cheat by reading the last page before I got to it, but I did finish reading them properly.   I think the books are basically saying  'what if...'  ,   not who is right and who is wrong.  That's my feeling, anyway.    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think The Lost Symbol would be better as a movie.

The Jesse Kellerman  book was called  Sunstroke ,   and the main character (Gloria) travels from Los Angeles to Mexico.  It is a murder mystery with a twist.   A bit slow, but you do have to finish it!

Jesse Kellerman is the son of Faye  and Jonathan Kellerman,  popular authors of murder/mystery books.  

Anyone who has looked at my list of   Favourite  Authors    ,   I have now linked the names to their websites  (yes,  I have finally learnt how to do the links...yaaay!!) .

You are welcome to email me, or leave a comment about any of the books I mention, or about what you have read recently.    I'm also trying to read books by authors I haven't tried before.

Enjoy your read,   Jenny

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  1. i've been terribly slack lately in the reading department, except for reading blogs, does that count for anything? lol

    I won a book from a tv show contest...haven't even had time to sit and read it yet....

    it's called, 'the Happiness Project"

    maybe tonight I'll curl up with it!

    ciao bella