Friday, March 12, 2010

My Little Sewing Machine

Hi folks,

how has your week been?  I have had a number of people asking me about the little sewing machine which features on my blog  under the heading...... ' Comments Welcome '  .

Unfortunately I don't know the history of it.   Sally (one of my Followers), sent me photos of her machine.  The only difference between them, is the timber used for the base!  My machine didn't have a needle, but I have finally perservered, and managed to insert a new one.   As to the threading of the machine, I am a little stumped.  I have got the machine threaded, but seem to be missing something for the tension.  I can manage to get two stitches, but then a tangle!  Does anyone out there have one threaded properly?

I have tried to make a 'button' out of my picture.  I haven't been successful with this yet, but that is something else to try in the world of blogging.

While on the subject of blogging, a very big thank you to all of my Followers for signing on......I hope you haven't regretted it!

Happy crafting,  Jenny

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