Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hi, everyone.   Christmas is over, and the New Year arrived, so you are no doubt wanting to put up your feet and enjoy a quiet cuppa.  Why not use a tea cosy so you can relax a little longer?

4 - 6  cup  Tea Cosy
$22.50  each
(plus postage and packaging)


I had a lovely Christmas Day with family.  The weather was nice and sunny, and to top it off, we had continual showers of rain until only a couple of days ago.  My sister (Sugar Pie Prims) and her husband have a cane farm, so I only hope the amount of rain has been useful and not too much.                                                           

Can you believe it!!!! 
Some of the supermarkets have Hot Cross Buns out on the shelves already!!!   Bye for now, Jenny


  1. Yes thankyou Jen, the rain was lovely...12" of good steady soaking rain with no run off....couldn't have asked for a better Christmas .
    It was lovely having you here Christmas night too, catch up with you again soon...Sugar Pie Hugs...Robyn

    By the way the Tea cosy's look great...might go & have a cuppa now ya night xxxx

  2. Hi Jenny. Was talking to Robyn last night and thought I would take a look at your selling blog. It's looking good. Best of luck with it.
    .....and thanks for the Craft Directory site too. I was with them for my web site that I have closed, but haven't gotten back to putting my new one on with them. Thanks for the reminder! ;^)
    Tea cosies are very cute.