Tuesday, January 26, 2010

9th Birthday!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME,    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.......OR TO MY SHOP AT LEAST!    YES,    9  years!    I'm still trying to come to terms with it!! 

Many people didn't think I would survive 6 months, but  I'm still there.  Jenny's Place (this was already taken for blogging purposes, hence the  Craft  in the blog title) started as a handmade gift shop and coffee shop rolled into one, with me doing the craftwork,  cheesecakes, sandwiches, slices, etc., and open 7 days a week on my own.   Once a month, a group of ladies would come for a form of High Tea, with sandwiches, cream treats, and a slice or two.  I would try to vary the choices each month.  In total, I would have anywhere between 20 - 30 ladies come.  I eventually had to draw a line at the bookings for these occasions......I ran out of chairs!  Thankfully, my mother would help out on these occasions when she could (and not just with recipes).

Many a night I would also be up 'til midnight, and up early the next morning, arriving at the shop by 5am.  Admittedly there have been some changes.  About 18months ago, I lost 1/4 of my shop space due to boundaries and circumstances out of my hands.   Knowing this was going to happen, I packed up the coffee side of things, and kept on with the craft.  One of my sisters (Sugar Pie Prims) and my mother also help with their style of craft, filling craft areas I can't get the time to explore.

I think I will be doing this for a while yet.  I'm not doing the amount of craft at home as I was in the past.  I have to do some form of craft, or have my nose is a book, otherwise I feel lost.  Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it),  Robyn (Sugar Pie Prims)  put me onto blogging.

Well, I think I wouldn't mind giving myself a birthday treat and get back to that book now......I'm reading Two for the Road, by Amanda Hampson.    Anyone else enjoying a book at the momment? 

Enjoy your craft/book,  Jenny  (thank you to Vintage Moth  for the free graphics,  and to my mother for all of her help )


  1. yay!! happppyy biirrtthhh dayyy!!whish you many more to come!

  2. Happy Birfday Jen, Wow where does the time go?, Here is to many many more. Love Ya xxxx