Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hi everyone, how has your weekend been so far?

While visiting other blogs recently,   Keren (  )  and Pam's ( ) sites, had a link/button for  !  This site has a number of hints and freebies for your blog.

I have become a follower of this site, and like  Megan, I have 3 Followers too.........yes I know Megan's is 3 thousand plus, but we all have to start somewhere (ha ha) !

I did learn to add things to my sidebar, so decided to use this avenue to explain comments to first time blog visitors.  I spoke to a friend a while back, and she found it quite daunting not knowing what to do.   

Pam, I couldn't bring myself to delete your comment in 'that' blank square, as I would probably have also lost your comment as well, so you will find it lower down the page. 

I hope everyone likes the changes.  Enjoy what is left of your weekend.  With everyone on cyclone watch up North  (Northern part of Queensland)  and fire alert down South (Victoria, New South Wales, and South Australia),  who knows what the next few days will bring.    Bye for now,   Jenny

1 comment:

  1. you're right, we all have to start somewhere, so I became one of your followers, now you can come visit me....i'm new too...ciao