Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Final lesson.....

How have you been going
with your Chicken Scratch Stitchalong?
If this is your first visit, click
here to see where
we started.

If you have completed
all of your corners, now you
can work on the centre.
Sorry about the angle of the
photo, but this is what I did....
Here is a close-up of the centre diamond using stitches used in the corner design...
...and this is what I did each side....
.....however the end result
is up to you, and the number of squares you have, or want to stitch.... find the centre of your runner, and design your centrepiece from there, utilizing the stitches used in your corners ... :)

I hope you have enjoyed this
stitchalong, and my
instructions have made some 

Let me know
what you think, and what you
did for the centre of your design ....
and also if you want me to
stay clear of

Thanks for joining in, and
happy crafting,  Jenny


  1. It looks so pretty Jenny. You've done a lovely job. I've been following your stitch along but haven't actually sewn anything. It was just interesting to see how you did it. I'd heard about chicken scratch years ago, having worked in a craft shop, but haven't every done any of it. It's always nice to read tutorials even if I don't partake. :) ♥

  2. Thanks, Pam :) I didn't want to be too regimental or vague with the tutorial, just encourage others to give it a try when time and enthusiasm permit....whenever I try something, but aren't really in the mood, it just won't!!!! :) Happy crafting, Jenny