Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chicken Scratch Part 2.....

How did you all golast week? 
This week we actually
start stitching, however
it's not too late to join!

I designed my sampler around the number
of squares, and stitched the
corners first.
To start off with, I placed a pin in the centre of each side.  I then planned the size of my triangle on the number of dark squares on the short side of the fabric.  This is why I haven't stipulated how many stitches... it will depend on the number of dark squares you have.

Okay... let the stitching begin!!

The stitch illustrated above, is called a Double Cross Stitch.

To work this stitch, begin a traditional cross stitch (I have used the darker shade square for this).  Start at the bottom left corner of your chosen square, needle down at top right, then up from bottom right to top left.  The next step is to make like a 'plus' sign (or for easier explanation I'll use clock numbers) over the cross stitch.

Come halfway down the square on the left (9 o'clock) and bring needle down across to the right (3 o'clock)
then work from halfway along the bottom of the square (6 o'clock) to halfway up the top of the square (12 o'clock).  You should now have what looks like four big straight stitches at different angles to make.....

a Double Cross Stitch.

Using the darker squares only, continue to work Double Stitches to form a triangle.  A word of caution - be careful as you turn your work around, because the layering of your stitches will change.  You may prefer this. As I say, I will explain the basics - the end result is your choice, and sometimes the pictures are better to follow than words!

Continue for the three other corners, and I will be back with more.
Let me know how you are going :)

Happy crafting,  Jenny

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