Friday, March 9, 2012

Hi everyone.
Hopefully the worst of
the weather conditions in your
area have gone.

Time for reading is
probably the last thing on
your mind, if the weather is still
causing headaches with
floods, etc. but I'll continue to
add these posts so that
you can read them
when you want to.

I recently read.....

Street Boys by
Lorenzo Carcaterra

I'm glad I read this book.  
I didn't say enjoyed, because you
might think I meant it 
in a humorous way, but if
you keep reading this
post, you will see what I mean.

Set in Naples during WW2, the 
story line is based around
children orphaned by the war, and
their survival fighting against the 
Germans set on destroying the town
where the children live.

This is part of the
war you don't often consider
when looking at history....
now you see what I mean
about not using the 
word 'enjoyed' like I usually do!
It felt disrespectful to the
content of the story.

If you have tried any other books
I have mentioned in the past, and are
game enough to try another, I
hope you add this one to
your list.

Happy reading,  Jenny


  1. Sounds like an interesting read Jenny, Is it based on a true story??

  2. Jackie, apparently this is fiction, but it true the street orphans were left to fend for themselves against the Germans. I'm still happy I read it. :) Happy reading, Jenny