Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hi everyone, before 
I start, special
thoughts to everyone affected by our
current weather and floods.
I'm fine, but we have become a bit like
an island with highway closures
due to flooding.  Fortunately
the cyclone warning has
been cancelled.

How often have you
baked, and frozen
cooked meals, only to end up with
stained plastic containers?

This dish has had
pasta sauce in it, and 
The picture is after the sauce
has defrosted....
....and this is after I rinsed it
with cold water....leaving some of
the sauce as proof.

I recently heard that if you
use cooking spray on your dishes, you
won't get stain marks!

I'm happy with the
result so far :)

What handy tip have you heard?

Happy cooking,  Jenny


  1. I must try that one cause I always end up with stained containers. Only thing I can give you is to warm lemons in the microwave (just a little) before you squeeze them for juice and you will get a lot more juice from them.

  2. Thanks, Jackie, I've heard that too. Apparently, if you 'stab' them with a skewer to squeeze instead of cutting them, is another tip I've come across. Happy cooking, Jenny :)

  3. Gosh, I stain my plastic containers all the time. That's why I am gradually switching to all glass.