Monday, November 22, 2010


.....anyone there....?

I'm sorry to everyone  'out there' to whom
I have yet to send replies and thank you's .....
for emails and comments which piled up 
while I was getting ready for the
Craft Fair
I attended on the weekend.

After packing up my stock, and 
two  days of craft fair....
I have finished unpacking and
setting up the shop again...
so I am gradually working my way
 through the list of correspondence..... please know you
haven't been forgotten, and
I will catch up with you soon....

I hope you have a lovely week  :)

Bye for now, and
Happy crafting,  Jenny


  1. Hi Jenny, hope you had a fruitful weekend at your craft fair. Glad you are back and getting into the swing of things. Love your vintage pics. Blessings, Lady Jane

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Hope you had an awesome time at the craft fair. Take care.
    Luv Joolz

  3. Jenny,

    I love your graphics in today's post. So delightful.

    I have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I know God is able to comfort you and give you peace. May He bless you today.

    In Grace,

  4. I'm cooking and getting ready for Thanksgiving..... I hope you have a peaceful and good Thanksgiving and weekend.