Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Guess what.....

I have a new Follower......
Lady Jane  :)

I would love to send a Thank You,

 but I don't have an
email address for you  :(

I always send my new Followers a 
thank you email 
so that I can can let them know I 
appreciate their  Following, so I feel terrible that I
can't send you one  :(

Hopefully I will catch up
with you soon  :)

Happy crafting to everyone,  Jenny


  1. It's always exciting to have a new follower, but I agree...... I feel bad if I can't let them know that I appreciate their response.

  2. Hi Jenny, please visit me at my blog
    I would dearly love for you to visit me and leave a comment as to how you like my site and become a follower if you so desire. Mini Blessings, L J