Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'to do list'.....

Phew,  what a hectic few days!  I have been trying to fill empty gaps from last weekends' craft fair, and recent shop sales.

Whilst I have been making more than what you see below, I don't count  'work in progress'  until it is completely finished.

I have been making........

At last!  I can cross something off that  'to do list'

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week, and happy crafting,  Jenny


  1. Think you've been much busier than I have Jenny!! Look at all that work! Clever you and well done. It all looks lovely. obviously didn't rip up that list then? :-)))))))

  2. Hi Jenny,

    Well you must have done well at the craft fair then. Well done!

  3. Hi Jenny,
    You've really been busy making so many lovely items. The fabric colors and your work is very pretty.
    Happy week to you,

  4. Jenny, your creations are so lovely..... Sorry I'm late stopping by.....
    Thinking of you!