Sunday, August 29, 2010

Searching for warmer climes.....'Jenny's Jaunts'

....Ouch!!    Watch the sunburn please.......

.......where have I been....?   Hawaii  of course!!     Given our cold and windy weather at home at the moment, I thought it would be a bit

 Isn't it nice and colourful  :)  

I thought it  would be a good chance to call in and say hi to dear Jane while we were out and about, too....

I can't get over the amount of detail Dear Jane put into her quilt with such small pieces of material! It really does fill you with a sense of awe.

Naturally,  while on this jaunt, we would also need some sunscreen.....fortunately Sue has remembered her  sunbonnet ,  and Grandmother has her  fan, but maybe a   car  with a bit more protection than the one I use for our usual jaunts would be better......isn't  it a  hoot :)                      


I hope you have had a good time on this jaunt.............. did you see the car .......don't skip  it or you might have to push next!! 

Happy Crafting,  Jenny

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  1. Very clever post. We did have sun today and no rain for the first time in ages. Not Hawaii but I'll take what I can get. x

  2. That quilt really IS amazing Jenny!! All those teeny pieces!
    Thanks for the trip too. Loved that sweet li'l owl so much I think I might just have a go at the pattern! :) x

  3. p.s. Meant to mention that I once saw a car online, with knitting all over it. A sight to see indeed!!

  4. Oh My, I LOVE our new Jaunt-car! Wouldn't that be a great idea for our "Blocks of Shame"?
    And that owl is such a great find... now I think I need to download that pattern. Wouldn't that make a great little Christmas gift?
    Ok. I am sending the hot weather your way: I have had more than enough sunshine and heat for another six months! Does sound like a fair trade, Jenny?
    Great jaunt!

  5. HI JENNY!

    Thought I'd pop that I'm here I'll peek through your book list!


    cute post!
    ciao bella


  6. Jenny,
    Were you really in Hawaii? I can't tell you are such a nut. My husband and I went their three years ago. I want to go back. But I would rather visit you down under...