Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hello everyone,  I hope you are faring well over the weekend.
Given that we are in the early stages of a New Year, I thought you might like to start this years' sewing projects with some new accessories.....
The hard decision is choosing.....  do you like this one , or this one ?  For something completely different, I love this one  :)
I didn't know whether to make this post one of my 'Jenny's Jaunts' posts, so I am adding both labels to it.... I hope you enjoy them.....but while I'm at it, the picture below is also my Chicken Scratch link :)
Happy crafting,  Jenny :)


  1. How very cute are they? Unfortunately I have more pincushions than pins to put in them so I might look around for something else to fill in ALL my spare time. xx

  2. Sounds like you can claim to be a collector of pin that so now, finding a needle when yhou want one, that can often take up time! :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  3. I love them all! It is too hard to choose, lol...

    1. I agree, but then again, can you ever have too many pin :) Happy crafting, Jenny