Monday, November 19, 2012

When is toooooo early......?!!!

Hi everyone,  does anyone else share my dilema?  When is it too early to set up the Christmas tree?
Many shops have had their Christmas decorations out and about for a couple of months now!
This year seems to have gone so quickly, and I can't decide where to put my tree, so I have decided not to have my big tree like last year, and to improvise.....
What do you think of my improvisation?

I'm thrilled with the end result of the baubles in the oversized brandy balloon.... noooo, I didn't drink the contents first.... 'hick' (hiccups) :)

The train I added to my collection of decorations a few years ago, and yes, some more of my Christmas mice :)
If you want some more crafty ideas for Christmas decorations, don't forget you can always click this image on my sidebar.....
Have you started decorating for Christmas?  You are welcome to add a link below :)
I hope you have a good week, and
happy crafting,  Jenny


  1. Your decorations look great Jenny and I love your improv for a tree! Very clever indeed me thinks! Might have to steal the idea myself! No I haven't started yet, but might wait until after my next two markets.....the next two weekends! ♥

    1. Thanks, Pam :) You sound like me.... Christmas Eve is STILL too early to be organised, and put up the!! Best wishes, Jenny