Monday, May 16, 2011

What do you think of these?

Not the 
usual recent finishes  :)

Thank you to the Work Basket...
I used a garland design from their book
to make this circle.  
The printed fabric for the back of this cushion is from the 'Quest for a Cure' range in greys and pinks, hence
my using pink for the background of the 
stitchery, and
dark grey for the stitching.

Thank you Kaaren
for such lovely designs...
I decided on a dusty red with black polka dots for this one.

And also
thank you Bronwyn
I hope Brutus
I decided on a 'vine-y' type
floral on blue for this one, as I
used a dark blue for the stitchery.

I hope you like them
as much as I enjoyed stitching them.

Happy crafting,  Jenny


  1. The pillow looks awesome, Jenny.

    Although not polka dots, I used a small red and black Thimbleberries print as the backing for my Raggedy & Friends quilt so we were on the same wavelength...somewhat. *wink*

    Great job!

  2. So very pretty.... You do great work....

  3. Hi Jenny.....I love the new look of your blog!!

    Your work is so neat and pretty."

  4. Well done Jenny. Very country looking indeed. Love the two dears with their cat and embroidery. x

  5. Oh, they are all beautiful, Jenny! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!