Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What do you have in your sewing basket?

Apart from the
typical sewing items, I also

......pegs to help hold things together.....
....sticky tape for when I need a
thimble - the metal ones just DON'T work for
....clip seal lunch bags to store project pieces in....
.....talcum powder for when hands feel sticky, or oily....
.....cotton wool sticks - handy for removing water soluble fabric marking lines....
...and not forgetting.....

.....a magnet for finding stray pins and needles....
and a wooden spoon to help turn fiddly pieces through.

If only my basket included photography :)

What do you have in your sewing basket that you can't do without?

Happy crafting,  Jenny


  1. Mmmm, I don't have a sewing basket as such Jenny but if I did it would have, other than the usual stuff, at the very least:
    my blue and black scissors & mini snippers
    a water soluble fabric marker
    one of my fav pinkeeps
    a metal ruler and craft knife
    and definitely a stitch ripper!
    No doubt I've left out some very important items.

    Had to smile at the magnet! Very handy I must say, but not something I would have ever thought of! x

  2. I have a pen and extra pair of scissors... not as interesting as your sewing basket. :)

  3. Interesting!

    I would never have guessed these items were for your sewing basket!
    At first I thought, How unusual!

    but you are right...they would work!
    I love my fact I featured HIM today...come by and visit!

    as far as what I can't live without..I'd have to say pretty piles and piles of sewing notions and pretty thread...and anything that makes me drool, tends to collect in my sewing basket!

    I really should get a magnet..that's a great idea!


    ciao bella

    Creative CArmelinA

  4. I have a paper glue stick that I use to keep something in place until I stitch it. It works great for quilting projects and applique.

  5. I don't really have a sewing basket, it's all in drawers and boxes in my sewing room. My mum and I were looking for a piece of chalk the other day, she needed it for her lawn bowls. The first place I looked was her sewing basket and there it was!