Sunday, December 19, 2010

I know I should be getting ready for Christmas, but.....

Hi everyone,
as you  may recall,  back in October I  attended the
Craft Bazaar in Childers....

....on the way, we made a bit of a detour....
  ....and bought  this.....!!! :))) might have to
use your imagination, but isn't
it great???  

....this photo's a bit blurry, but
the odd panel across the back in the
middle of this pic, is 
pressed metal complete with holes.....
these are meant to be there for

I plan to clean it up
and paint my spare

...and as you can guess, I am trying to catch up on everything, and START on Christmas presents....y..eeess...for THIS

Happy crafting,  Jenny 


  1. Doing up that wonderful cupboard would probably distract me from Christmas as well! Especially as it feels like the middle of winter here today. Cold, pouring rain, thunder and lightening....not really Australian Christmas weather at all!!!

  2. Nice cupboard, I dont have to use my imagination to see how lovely it will be, I think it is lovely ALREADY!!!

  3. Your purchase looks 'interesting'.... what will you do with it?

    Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  4. with it? Use it for display along with other old furniture pieces I have in my shop :) I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas too xx

  5. Sorry, first time replying via comment.. I agree..not all old furniture needs work... unfortunately this one does :)

  6. I have considered shutting the shop door so that I can work on As to the weather, you are not alone... being an ex-Victorian, I was surprised when we had hail a few nights ago!!! :)

  7. What a lovely cupboard! I actually like it rustic the way it is. :) But I am anxious to see the makeover result.