Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When You Walk To and From Work, Whatever the Weather......

Hi everyone,

If I keep thinking that someone needs this rain...........

........and that it isn't stormy...........

..........I'm happy  :)

This gives you a rough idea of the weather we are having at the hope your weather has been good to you whatever it is :)

Isn't it amazing the array of free graphics 'out there' !   

Sorry, but I can't recall the original free graphics site for these, but will add the details ASAP!!!

Happy Crafting,  Jenny


  1. Your graphics are adorable!

    We're a long way from Australia, but we're having a lot of rain here in Texas too.


  2. Oh my, rain, rain, go away... :)

    I hope you get some clear weather soon! :)

    Happy Crafting to you too.

  3. We've had the rain too Jenny, but not as much as you've had up there. Has it dried a little yet? Hope so!
    There definitely is a vast array of free graphics out there, yes! Unless you've already found it, you might like
    They have a free section but also a paying one, which I think is quite cheap. I've actually been able to go in and buy just one graphic at a time if I've wanted. They have a fabulous range of vintage graphics/photos etc. x