Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Baby Silk Set

Thank you to readers of Sugar Pie Prims Newsletters for visiting, and also thank you to anyone who may have stumbled onto my blog.  I hope you enjoy it.

Well!  Anyone who received my sister's newsletter (Sugar Pie Prims) are probably surprised I am not still

 A: busy making crotched silk sets,     or     B:  still rolling on the floor laughing!  

For anyone who didn't receive the newsletter, the joke is my sister spelling crotched instead of crocheted.

I have finally managed to get back on my chair, but haven't stopped laughing yet.....I think it will be a while before I let her live this one down.  I still sent her a thank you (forgot to ask for the pattern though!)

Okay, as you probably saw on my last post,  I am starting to get the hang of adding photos.  I am in the middle of working on the toddlers balls, but will have them here in a few days, so here is the silk set for now.


Hand crocheted with silk thread
 the boottees and bib are sold as a set

The boottees have rows of lace crocheted into them

They have proved to be very popular
for Christenings, or Naming Days

$22.50 plus postage & packaging

Thank you for your visit
Bye for now,  Jenny

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