Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well,a huge sigh of relief. The Christmas Craft Fair is over. I was told not to expect a lot, but I am happy with the sales I had. It was worth the travelling.

The silk set I mentioned last week sold on the first morning. There seems to be a lot of newborn grandchildren either recently born, or due soon, as I sold quite a few toddlers balls as well as fabric boottees. The balls are quite fiddly to make ('fiddly' being the polite term). They are made with a number of fabric segments joined together, making it easier to grab hold of it. As for the fabric boottees, they are fully lined. The size I make are Newborn to 6 months old, however this does depend on the baby (hopefully photos next time).

Not having a car, Mum provided the transport and help over the weekend. A great help she was - took off and abandoned me when the local tv news cameraman and newspaper photographer showed up! Thanks Mum. We helped the organisers set up the tables, then setting up our site seemed to go like a breeze. We even had time for a coffee before the doors were open to the public.

Before coming home, I was invited to 2 more craft fairs next year. As soon as I learn how to add events to my blog properly I will, but for now I can let you know the first one is early May. That brings my calendar of events up to 4 craft fairs as well as keeping my shop stocked and Mum looking after my site at the Howard market for me.

If anyone knows of other craft events in the Bundaberg/Fraser Coast area, could you please let me know? Even just to promote the event if I can't have a site. The earlier the information, the better for everyone to know about it.
Well, Christmas seems to be sneaking up quicker ea ch year, so I will sign off for now and let you get back to getting organised for it (if that is ever possible!!) Bye for now, Jenny

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