Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dear readers.....

Hi everyone, yes, it's me :)
I'm fine, and still doing
craft, but not quite ready to get
into the full swing
of 'Blog Land' yet.
Having said that, I have
been doing quite
a bit of reading, and thought
others might like to know about
books, or different
authors to try, so I have
decided to post from time to time
about what I have read, or
snippets about soon to be released
books, and authors, on my
other blog, which you can
access by clicking
The posts will be
haphazard as to how often
I will do them, and I will
reply to comments on the
blog.  Followers are
welcome, and you can
also sign on to receive notification
of my posts via emails
if you prefer.
In the meantime, whether you
are crafting, or reading, I hope you
enjoy it.
Best wishes, and bye for now, Jenny


  1. ahh there you go Jenny, it now says my comment will be visible after approval and that's coz I looked at the preview first and then hit publish. It worked! But of course I have no idea what I said the other day in my comment, but something along the lines of welcome back etc etc, but of course much longer than that! lol. ♥

    1. Thanks, Pam. I'm still 'on vacation' from this blog at the moment, but doing heaps of reading. Hopefully one day you when you get a chance to do a spot of reading, and need some ideas, you might like to visit my other blog :) In the meantime, great to hear from you, and I will try to visit from time to time. Best wishes, Jenny x

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