Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hi everyone.
I am really worried about doing this!
I have been sitting on it for quite a while now, unsure whether it will make sense to others or not!

For any newcomers, welcome to my attempt at Chicken Scratch Stitching.
I have made this into a tutorial to hopefully encourage others to give it a try, but I definitely don't claim to be an expert at it... this has been my first attempt, and I thought others might like to see what I learned along the way.  I don't intend to tell you right from wrong, but hopefully the illustrations will explain the saying goes - 'a picture says a thousand words'.  This comes in handy when words may not always make sense!

I won't show you the end result yet, as your finished design will depend on your fabric.... please bear with me on this, and I will explain more as we go.

Traditionally white thread is
used, and one colour to match your
gingham fabric, however to
illustrate things step by step, I have used more than one colour.
My fabric piece is approximately
25cm x 56 cm, then hemmed.

The squares  ( brown and white
in this case) are approximately
1/4 inch each.
I have designed my sampler 
around the number of squares.

You can use any piece of gingham you like, and adapt the pattern to your fabric.

I will leave you now to
sort out your fabric and threads, and
will start the stitching in the next 'stitch-along' post.

Let me know if you are happy to join in!
I'd love to hear what you think :)

For those of you who have come across this at a later date, I will add links below for you to continue each stage at your own pace....

Lesson 2.....

Lesson 3.....

Lesson 4.....

Final lesson.....

Happy crafting,  Jenny

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